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Intended Use用途

The Metcorr 117C is a metal detector that is capable of detecting electrically conductive metal objects.

Metcorr 117C是能够检测具有电子传导性金属物体的金属检测器。

The Metcorr 117C is for mines and any other industrial facilities, where deleterious metal objects are to be detected from among conveyed material. The motive for detecting the metal is to prevent damage or excess wear of process equipment, e.g. crushers and grinders. Metcorr 117C用于采矿业和任何其他工业设备,其中检测传送的物料中的有害金属物质。检测金属物质的目的就是避免工艺设备的损坏或者过度磨损,例如:破碎机,研磨机。

The Metcorr 117C metal detector comprises one electronics set, one coil system and one set of interconnection cables. The coil system comprises two identical coil elements which are available in four different sizes - size 08, size 12, size 16, and size 20 (other sizes are available on consultation).

The Metcorr 117C检测器包含一套电子设备,1个线圈系统和1套互接电缆。线圈系统包含2个线圈,该线圈有4种不同尺寸可供选择size08,12,16,20(其他尺寸根据建议使用)

The material, which is to be screened for metal, travels on the conveyor belt between the coils. An electromagnetic field emitted by the transmitter coil excites the conveyed material. Metals, when excited, react in a characteristic manner, which makes them detectable. 将要被金属过滤的物料在传送带上通过线圈之间。发射线圈产生一个电磁场,该电磁场用来激发传送的物料。受激的金属以其特有的方式发生反应,这样使其具有可被检测性。

The Metcorr is provided with an adjustable level of detection. The sensitivity of the system is adjusted at the start-up to a level, which provides for detection of metal objects of harmful size only. Metcorr被装备有一个可调节的电平检测装置。系统的灵敏度在启动时被设置到一个水平,在该水平度仅用于检测金属物质的有害大小尺寸。

The electronics cabinet comprises a pilot relay, by which two control sequences can be implemented and external devices can be activated. 电气柜包含一个辅助继电器,通过该继电器实行控制顺序和激活外部设备。

Operating Theory 操作原理

Transmitter pulses are generated into the transmitter coil by a timed-programmed bipolar current. 通过可编程定时双极电流发送脉冲到发射线圈。

The magnetic field generated by these pulses provides the energy, which excites eddy currents in the target metal objects. Eddy currents excited in the metal by each transmitter pulse will decay after the transmitter pulse is shut off and produce secondary voltages in the receiver coil. These signal voltages, following every pulse, will continue a time, which varies from a few to a few hundred microseconds, depending on the size and electromagnetic properties of the metal object. 由这些脉冲产生的磁场提供能量,这些能量在目标金属物体里产生涡流。由发射脉冲在金属物体里产生的涡流会由于发射脉冲的关闭而产生衰减,从而在接收线圈里产生二次电压。这些电压信号会随着每个脉冲信号持续一段时间,且其值会从几到几百微秒进行变化。其值的大小取决于该金属物质的大小和电磁特性。

The receiver is gated off during the transmitter pulse, and gated on for a short

interval following a short delay while the transmit pulse is off. Therefore, the

receiver functions only during the time interval, when signals occur from any nearby metal objects. A sample is repeatedly taken from the decaying signal. The sampled signals are processed and the time-varying signal component caused by static (i.e. not moving) objects. The amplitude of the signal is finally compared to a detection limit. The sensitivity setting is determined by adjusting the amplification of the signal.


The decay time of the eddy currents generated in ore lumps is much shorter than the decay time in metal objects. This makes the discrimination of metal from ore possible. Only if very magnetic and/or conductive ore appears in large lumps, the discrimination may be somewhat affected.


A detection takes place when the signal level exceeds the detection limit. 当信号水平超过检测极限值时,一次检测生效。

Depending on the implementation, an alarm may be generated to alert the operator. In some implementations, however, there is no need to alert the operator, for example when the metal detector activates a metal separator. 有时一个警报用来警惕操作工,这些情况取决于实际实施情况。但是在某些实际情况,根本就没有必要去警惕操作工,例如 当检测器激发一个金属分离器。

A relay system is built in the detector cabinet to further process the detection signal and to provide practical outputs from the detector. 检测器柜里的继电器系统是用来进一步处理检测信号,并输出提供实际输出信号。

The two-channel method used in the Metcorr 117C reliably helps to detect rod- and bar-shaped metal objects. It has been found out, that any longish metal object creates great varying responses as it is repeatedly conveyed through a simple detector system, but in different orientations. The two windings contained by coil are aligned crosswise. Therefore, if one of the channels gives a weak signal as a result of the unfavorable orientation of the metal object, the other channel creates a much stronger signal. This dual system ensures that the tramp metal objects are detected in a uniform fashion independently of their orientation in relation to the coil. 拥有双通道的方法能使Metcorr 117C较可靠的检测杆和棒状金属物体。 经实践发现,任何一个长的金属物体均能产生很大的变化反应,因为它是一个简单的检测系统通过不同的方向不停的传送信号。线圈中2个绕组横向排列。因此如果其中一个通道给出了由于金属物体的造成不利方向性的微弱信号,那么另一个通道就会产生更加强的信号。这种双重系统确保杂质金属以一致的方式被检测到,而不依赖于与线圈相关联的本身的反向性。

Equipment Description 设备描述

A standard Metcorr 117C comprises the following parts (see Figure 1):

一个标准的Metcorr 117C包含如下部件(见图1)

   1 pc, Electronics cabinet   

    1个 电气柜

   Coil system includes two coil elements ( Detection Coil Set) with four sizes:


   2 pcs, Size 08 coils or

    2个,08号线圈 或

   2 pcs, Size 12 coils or

    2个,12号线圈 或

   2 pcs, Size 16 coils or

    2个,16号线圈 或

   2 pcs, Size 20 coils

    2个,20号线圈 或

   2 pcs, Size 26 coils (depending on the requirement)


   2 pcs, 10 meters Interconnect cable


   Installation and Operating Manual in English


Figure 1. The Metcorr 117C System.

Electronics Cabinet 电子元器件柜

The electronics cabinet contains the electronics circuit boards, which are controlling the system, and relay interface for external controls. All the standard controls (signal monitoring and electronics state indication, mains voltage controls, and alarm control test switch) are inside the cabinet. The other optional outside devices have connections in terminal block inside the cabinet. 该电子元器件柜里有控制系统即电子电路板,以及外部控制的继电器接口。所有的标准控制都在控制柜内(信号监控,电子状态指示,主电源控制和报警控制测试开关)。外部可选设备可连接至柜内的接线端子。

The cable bushings are on the bottom surface of the enclosure. The size of used cable glands is for the cable diameter 8 to 11 mm. 电缆套管安装在电缆外表面的底部。所有电缆封套尺寸的电缆直径为8-11mm。

The cabinet material is steel finished with gray powder paint. The hinged door has a key locking mechanism to secure against unauthorized access. 电子柜材料为灰色油漆的钢。铰链门带一个键锁机构来保证未经容许不得打开。

Standard installation hardware includes four brackets to each corner for wall mounting. The construction of the electronics cabinet is as shown in Figure 2. 标准的硬件安装包括将4个垫片安装到墙上对应的四角。电子柜的安装如图2:

Figure 2. Electronics cabinet

Coil System 线圈系统

The coil system comprises two identical coil elements, which can operate either as a transmitter or a receiver depending on the cable connection. 线圈系统包含2个相同的线圈,他们均可作为发送器或者接收器运行, 取决于电缆的连接方式。

The coil element is a board-like compact unit comprising of coil windings, cable connector, and holes for mounting. The construction of the enclosure is all plastic with surface material of fiberglass and plastic edges. Four sizes of coil elements are available for different widths of conveyor belts. 线圈是板式紧凑单元,包括绕组,电缆连接器,以及安装孔。所有外壳均是由表面的玻璃纤维和朔料边缘等朔料构成。四种不同大小的线圈适用于不同宽度的传送带。

Table 1. tells the coil systems effective sensing dimensions and Figures 4-7 show the external dimensions and weights of the coil systems.

表1 描述了线圈系统有效的感应线圈尺寸,图4-7线圈的外部尺寸和重量

Coil Cable 线圈电缆

The coil elements has a 2 meter or 3 meter compact cable and is connected to the electronics with a supplementary cable and screw terminal connection in a junction box. 线圈有2米或3米长的紧凑型电缆,通过辅助的电缆和接线盒的接线端子连接到电子器件上。

If longer cable is needed, the maximum recommended total cable length is 30

meters. The lengthening of the cable can be made with the extra cable and junction box, provided as optional parts by Outotec. 如果需要更长的电缆,电缆的推荐最大总长度为30米。电缆的延长可通过与奧图泰提供的可选部件的额外电缆和过渡箱连接来实现。

Accessories 附件

Reset Unit 复位单元

The reset unit is used to reset the output relays in the Electronics Cabinet.


Lamp Unit 指示灯单元

Lamp unit is installed in a place suitable for the operator.  Consists of a Red alarm lamp and a Green standby lamp 115 or 220V. 指示灯安装在方便操作工的地方。包括一个红色报警灯和一个绿色待机指示灯115 或220伏。

Coil Mounting Set (CMS) 线圈的安装设置

   CMS (2m or 3m) 线圈的安装设置(2米或3米)

The coil mounting set provides for protection of the upper coil against impacts of the overburden. The protection is effected through cushioning and swing-away movement of the upper coil. 线圈的安装设定保护上线圈免受过载的影响。保护作用通过对上线圈运行的缓冲和摇摆作用生效。

The CMS includes a set of parts, to be assembled at the installation site.


The horizontal length of the CMS depends on the coil size and it must be specified when ordered.  CMS的水平长度取决于线圈的尺寸,在订货时必须指定其尺寸。


Coil size

Coil size

08, 12

2 m

16, 20

3 m

Optional Functions Controlled by the ACU Card 由ACU卡控制的可选功能

The Accessories Control Unit (ACU) is an electronics card, which can be inserted to Metcorr 117C electronics to control different optional functions. 附件控制单元是个电子卡,它可插入到The Metcorr 117C电子元件中,进而控制不同的可选功能。

The Metcorr 117C electronics set has an empty slot in the card rack with internal connection to electronics and to terminal block for external connections. Metcorr 117C电子装置在电子卡机架上有一个空槽,该空槽通过内部连接至电子元器件,以及通过端子排连接至外部。

There are four optional functions, which are controlled by one ACU. These functions are: 1个ACU控制4个可选功能,它们是:

   Coil fail control lamp (24V3W) output, which is activated by fail condition in coil connections. 线圈故障控制灯输出(24伏,3瓦),在线圈连接失败时激活该功能。

   Delayed alarm output with manual reset and impulse modes controlled by one potential free relay contact (SPDT). Resetting function is common to Coast Counter, if used at the same time; otherwise Reset unit 0815 is needed.报警延迟功能,在手动复位脉冲模式下由一个电压继电器触点控制。如果同时使用,复位功能等同于延时计时器;否则使用复位单元0815. 

   Coast Counter Set (CCS) which includes impulse counter and alarm lamp outputs for optional CCS. Resetting function is common with delayed alarm output and is activated by one reset switch. 滑行计数装置包含脉冲计数器和CCS的可选功能报警灯输出。复位功能相当于报警延迟输出,由一个复位开关激活。

   Dye Marker with outputs for Marking and Valve Unit to control amount and spraying of dye when optional DMS is used. 当可选功能DMS使用时染料标记的输出,该输出用于标记,阀门组的控制数量以及染料的喷射。

For further information see Installation and Operating Manual for Optional Components ACU, CCS, DMS. 更多信息请看安装和操作手册中可选元件ACU,CCS,DMS.

Delayed Alarm Output 报警延迟输出

The delayed alarm which is controlled by ACU with single pole double throw (SPDT) relay contact includes the following operation modes: 延迟报警由带单刀双极的延迟继电器触点的ACU控制,包括如下操作模式:

   Delayed belt-stopping control with the manual reset and alarm memory during the delay time. 在延迟时间内,传送带延迟停止控制具有手动复位功能和报警记忆。

   In that mode detections during the delay time are memorized and the delay time is counted only when the belt is running, also slowing up and accelerating of the conveyor belt can be considered. The delay time is adjustable from 0.1 to 990 seconds and slowing up/accelerating from 0 to 3.6 seconds. 在该模式下,在延迟时间内,检测被记忆以及仅当传送带正运行时延时计时,同样传送带的减速和加速也可考虑进去。延迟时间在0.1到990秒之间具有可调性,减速和加速时间从0到3.6秒。

   Delayed alarm impulse with alarm memory. Can be used e.g. for the conveyor or separator magnet control. In that mode detections during the delay time are memorized and the delay time is counted for all alarms. Two impulse time modes can be selected; impulse time according to the alarm time of the Metcorr electronics or adjustable impulse time. The delay time is adjustable within a range from 0.1 to 990 sec and the impulse time within a range from 3.2 to 29 seconds.可使用带有报警记忆的延迟报警脉冲。例如应用于传送带或者分离电磁控制。在该种模式下,在延迟时间内检测被记忆以及延迟时间被用于所有报警计时。2种脉冲时间模式可供选择:脉冲时间是Metcorr电子元件或者可调脉冲时间的报警时间。延迟时间可调节的范围为0.1到990秒,脉冲时间范围为3.2到29秒。

ACU, is required to implement the delayed alarm output and the coil fail lamp output. 


If a Reset Unit or a Lamp Unit is needed, they should be specified in order. 如果需要复位单元或者指示灯单元,必须在订单中指定。

Coast Counter Set (CCS)滑行计数器装置

The coast counter set is an accessory device, which can be used together with the

Metcorr 117C to count the total quantity of the potentially harmful metal objects that

pass through the detector during the coasting period. (Coasting period = the time

between the detection and the complete stop of the conveyor belt).

滑行计数器装置是一个辅助装置,可与Metcorr 117C一起记录在滑行期间通过检测器的可能的有害的金属物体的总数。(滑行期间=检测到传送带完全停止的时间。)

CCS is controlled by Accessories Control Unit (ACU) and includes the following

parts: CCS由ACU单元控制,且包含如下部件:

1. Counter, alarm and resetting box 计数器,报警以及复位箱

2. ACU card   ACU卡

3. Installation and Operating Manual in English 英文版的安装和操作手册

Item 2 above is optional and should be specified in order, if needed to be included in the set. 以上第2项为可选项,如果装置需要,必须在订单中指定。

CCS is an independent device and includes the following parts:


1. Control box 控制盒

2. Installation and Operating Manual in English 英文版的安装和操作手册

For more information see Installation and Operating Manual for Optional

Components ACU, CCS, DMS. 更多信息请查看安装和操作手册中可选件ACU,CCS,DMS。

Dye Marker Set (DMS)染料标记装置

In order for the DMS to operate, the following parts need to be included:为了使DMS正常运行,如下所有装置必须安装:

1. Marking and valve unit标记和阀组单元

2. ACU card    ACU卡

3. Color components 染料

4. Level control 液位控制

5. Color tank 染料箱

6. Assembling parts 组装部件

7. Installation and Operating Manual in English 英文版安装和操作手册

Item 2 above (ACU Card) is optional and should be specified in order, if needed to be included in the set.以上第2项(ACU卡)为可选件,如果需要,必须在订单中指明。

DMS is an independent device and when delivered includes the following parts:  DMS是一个独立的装置,其包含如下部件:

1) Marking Unit 标记单元

2) Color Components 染料

3) Level Control  液位控制

4) Color Tank  燃料箱

5) Assembling parts including the necessary tubes for color and pressure air and a housing for color tank组装部件包含必要的染料和压力空气的套管,染料箱的外壳

6) Installation and Operating Manual in English英文版的安装和操作手册

For more information see Installation and Operating Manual for Optional

Components ACU, CCS, DMS. 更多信息请查看安装和操作手册中可选件ACU,CCS,DMS。

Splice Detector Proximity Switch接合检测器接近开关

The splice detector is used to inhibit the detection of Metcorr 117C for a short

period of time in order to prevent false alarms triggered by metal joints/splice on the

conveyor belts.接合检测器用于禁止Metcorr 117C检测器一小段时间,目的是为了阻止传送带上铰接或结合处金属引起的假报警跳闸。

Supplementary Cables 辅助电缆

For some external signal connections to the Metcorr 117C electronics cabinet is

recommended to use a shielded cable type.建议使用屏蔽电缆将外部信号连接至Metcorr 117C的电子元件柜。

Cable type(电缆型号)         Possible connection(可能的连接形式)

18AWG-shielded 2 pair twisted      - remote alarm/standby远程报警/待机

cable 屏蔽双绞线                - synchronization input/output同步输入/输出

alarm inhibition 报警抑制

22AWG-shielded 2 pair twisted     - extra length for coil cable线圈电缆的额外长

Cable                                                度

The straight-through joints of the cables can be done with the connection box.



Electronics Cabinet  电子柜

Enclosure 附件

• Dimensions: see Figure 2.   尺寸:见图2

• Construction: steel, lockable with dual lock.  结构:钢,双重锁定

• Finishing: Powder coated steel casing 处理:粉末涂层钢


22,5 kg

Ambient Operating Temperature环境温度

- 35 °C to +55 °C

Degree of Protection保护等级

Spray water proof, dust tight IP 55 and IP 22 (door open) as per IEC 529

根据IEC 529,耐喷射水,粉尘等级为IP 55 and IP 22 (开门时)

Connections 连接

 Mains voltage主电源: 115VAC +10%-15% or 230VAC +8%-15%, 45 to 65 Hz, 60VA.

 Coil system线圈系统标准电缆长度Standard cable length 3m, shielded twisted pair cable type型号为屏蔽双绞线型.

Synchronization input and output同步输入/输出.

Alarm inhibition报警抑制: Controlled by NO contact常开触点控制.

Proximity switch for splice detector接合检测器的接近开关NPN型控制NPN control, voltage 电压为14...22,5VDC

Standby/alarm lamp待机/报警灯: Indicates the state of electronics显示电子元件的状态。 Lamp指示灯 2x24V 5W.

Alarm relay contact报警延迟触点触点布置为双刀双掷Contact arrangements DPDT, 触点容量contact ratings 240VAC/6A, 120VAC/10A 80% P.F. (C.S.A listed), expected life of million mechanical operations minimum and 100 thousand operations at rated load, initial breakdown voltage 500V RMS 60 Hz between open contacts.预期寿命为最小一百万次机械操作以及10万次的额定载荷操作,常开触点的初始击穿电压为500V RMS 60HZ

 Alarm reset报警复位:报警继电器的自动复位模式的跳线触点 Alarm relay contacts with jumper wire on auto reset mode, 手动复位模式的外部常开触点with external N.O. contact on manual reset mode, 交流电压voltage 115VAC.

Alarm impulse报警脉冲: Impulse time depends on alarm duration脉冲时间的长短取决于报警时间, voltage交流电压 115VAC, load交流装载电流 5...170mA Ac.

For optional Accessory Control Unit (ACU) connections see Installation and

Operating Manual for Optional Components ACU, CCS, DMS. 更多信息请查看安装和操作手册中可选件ACU,CCS,DMS。

Fuses 熔丝

All fuses 5x20mm slow blow type.所有熔丝大小为5x20mm,慢开型

 Mains voltage主电源: T2A, terminal block接线端子

 Standby/alarm lamps待机/报警灯: T1A, SRU card   SRU卡

 Alarm impulse报警脉冲: T0, 2A, DAU card

Transmitter coils发送线圈: T2A, TRU cards

CCS and DMS:F315mA, MBU card

ACU delayed alarm报警延时: T5A, MBU card

Alarm Indicators报警指示

External optional indication lamps (standby and alarm)可选的外部指示灯(待机和报警)

 LED light bar on DAU card inside the cabinet shows the signal amplitude. Red

part of the column operates in case of alarm.电子柜内DAU卡的LED光栏显示信号振幅。红色部分用于报警。

Operation of relay contacts 继电器触点的运行

 Alarm impulse with 115 VAC voltage output 报警脉冲以115V的交流电压输出

Fault Indications故障指示

Bad coil connection or fault coil condition is indicated by OFF state of the first

Green LED in the LED bar graph column on the DAU board.差得线圈连接或者线圈故障指示由DAU板上LED栏上的第一个绿色LED灯的OFF状态显示。

Controls 控制

 Sensitivity adjustment 灵敏度调节

Sensitivity program coding switch灵敏度程序的编码开关

Test switch测试开关

Mains voltage selection switch主电源的选择开关

Mains ON/OFF switch for maintenance purposes 检修维护的主(开/关)开关

Min. Alarm time setting最小的报警时间设置

Splice Detector time setting 接头检测时间设置

Clock mode and mains frequency setting 时钟模式和主频率设置

Coil System Specifications线圈系统规格

Dimensions and Weight 尺寸和重量

See Table 1 and figures 3 – 7  参看表1和图3--7

Ambient Operating Temperature环境温度

-35 °C to +65 °C

Relative Operating Humidity 相对湿度

Up to 100%

Degree of Protection 保护等级

Hose down spray proof, dust-tight IP 65 as per IEC 529, NEMA 4.

符合IEC 529, NEMA 4。耐胶管水喷射,防尘等级IP65


Connects directly inside the electronics cabinet or if extended cable is used connects

through junction box supplied. 可以直接连接至柜内的电子元件上,或使用延长电缆连接至接线盒。

Standard cable length supplied with the detection coils is 10m. Max. recommended cable length is 30m.提供给检测线圈的标准电缆长度是10m。建议最长电缆为30m。

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